CBD 2.0 and Icarus

The Evolution of CBD, a Revolution for Pain

What is CBD 2.0™?

CBD 2.0™ is the next step in CBD development. Simply put, it is our proprietary formula of water-soluble/nano CBD. CBD is naturally fat soluble and requires an intensive filtering process to make it more effective for topical use. Ours is water soluble, but not all water soluble products are created equal. Many companies break the CBD molecule down into nano particles making the product mixable with water but not actually soluble. CBD 2.0™ utilizes a second stage called ‘encapsulation’- wrapping the nano particles in a shell to ensure they stay separated and truly soluble. This is a complicated way of saying we nerded out hard and made a hyper-effective CBD product that is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Why use CBD 2.0™?

If CBD 2.0™ is the evolution of CBD then Icarus is the future of muscle recovery. Industry standards like aspirin and other over the counter painkillers are both habit forming and destructive to physical and mental health. Topical analgesics like Icy Hot and Biofreeze temporarily mask pain without solving the root of the issue. Icarus combines the benefits of multiple ingredients to provide lasting relief.

Who is Icarus Recovery for?

Icarus isn’t just for elite athletes, although they do love the product. Icarus is Recovery for All. Everyone from the weekend golfer or tennis player to those suffering from consistent soreness will benefit from regular use of Icarus.

When should I use Icarus?

Sore muscles and joints can be greatly improved with use before, during, or after an activity or workout. The effects of CBD 2.0™ will allow users to engage in activities with less restrictions caused by pain, elasticity, or injuries.